Poker Game Limits


Bay 101 has two casino floors with 49 card tables that offer you a variety of card games.

Below are the daily poker games played, with their limits. For table game information for our California Games click here.

The wide variety of betting limits should allow everyone to find a particular favorite.
Come and choose your favorite!

Texas Hold'em 3/6  
Texas Hold'em 6/12  
Texas Hold'em 8/16  
Texas Hold'em 20/40  
Texas Hold'em 40/80  
Texas Hold'em 80/160  
Texas Hold'em 100/200  
Texas Hold'em 200/400  
No Limit Texas Hold'em   1/2/2
No Limit Texas Hold'em   2/3/5
No Limit Texas Hold'em   5/5/10
No Limit Texas Hold'em   25/50
No Limit Texas Hold'em   10/20
Omaha 4/8  
Omaha 10/20  


Bay 101 provides house dealers for all games and collects a service charge (depending on the game played and number of players present) per hand, but does not participate in the actual play of the games and has no interest in the outcome of play. No player ever plays against or makes a wager against Bay 101. The service charges are listed below.