Activities & Events

Opening Celebrations held September 2018


With our doors opening on a New Location, we welcomed Master Yau for our Opening Ceremony in keeping with the Classical Feng Shui Traditions. The Yau Family has been the curator of the Feng Shui tradition since the Qing Dynasty and is now 480 year old tradition! Master Yau is the inheritor of many centuries of Feng Shui practice by the Yau Family tradition; his lineage, stemming from Guangdong, China, can be traced back to the Great Grand Master Yang Yung Song, the reputed founder of Feng Shui.


Lunar New Year 

Each year Bay 101 honors the culture and heritage enjoyed by it's patrons with decorations, performances and activities for the Lunar New Year! This February we Honored the Year of the Dog with a Lion Dance Performance with Leungs White Crane out of San Francisco, as well as brilliant Fire Works display! We thank all our patrons who came to participate this year and welcome you to come next February!


Christmas in the Park

Bay 101 has taken a step off the poker room floor and into the real world with its participation in San Jose City’s Christmas in the Park! It is comprised of volunteer citizens who donate their time and energy to make the exhibit a reality year after year. A yearly event where local businesses decorate trees and help bring the spirit of the season to the community. It creates a forest of Christmas tress where local kids can find Santa discover elves working on their gifts or catch a peak at Rudolph and his friends practicing their reindeer games.