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From the Pros

"I have hosted poker tournaments all over the world and I live in Las Vegas, but I will always consider Bay 101 Casino and San Jose my home. The Bay 101 Casino Shooting Star event created by owner Marko Trapani is my favorite tournament of the year and is unique and the most exciting format in tournament poker!"

Matt Savage – World’s foremost poker tournament director, responsible for directing over 400 televised events such as the World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour, and many others.

"There is one WPT event I will not miss any year, and that’s the Shooting Star tournament at the Bay 101 Casino. Everything about it is topnotch, from the friendliest staff I’ve ever encountered, to the awesome buffet offered, and the best poker fans in the world. Bay 101 Casino is my favorite cardroom I’ve ever played in, and I look forward to returning every year."

David Williams – Runner-up in the 2004 World Series of Poker World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold’em event, WSOP bracelet winner 2006; World Poker Tour CHampion 2010; 62nd on all time poker earnings list, with over $8 million, as well as a top 3 finish on Season 7 of MasterChef

"I love Bay 101 Casino’s Shooting Star Tournament. Always fun, great people, great action, and a nice little buffet to top it all off! A regular stop for me and my friends."

Phil Laak – World Poker Tour Champion, featured on many television shows worldwide, and also a former regular in Bay 101 casino cash games.

"What impresses me the most about Bay 101 Casino is its friendly staff. They provide outstanding service every time I go there. In terms of the Shooting Star tournament structure, it’s the best I’ve seen. It allows the players more time to play and enjoy at the same time. This is especially great for the amateur players who want to obtain more tournament play experience. I assure everyone who goes to play at Bay 101 Casino that they will be treated well."

Jerry Yang – 2007 World Series of Poker World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold’em event winner. 68th All Time Poker Earnings List.

"The fans at Bay 101 are the best. I felt like they were really rooting for me when I made the final table there and it makes a difference. The Bay 101 Casino staff is very friendly so you always feel welcome. Of all the places I’ve visited, the staff, fans, and players at Bay 101 are the friendliest and most appreciated by the pros being there."

Kathy Liebert – World’s top-ranked woman tournament poker player. 123rd on All Time Poker Earnings list, with over $6 million in earnings.

"I look forward to playing the Bay 101 Shooting Stars event every year more than any other event I travel to. It is my favorite card club without question. The personnel all seem to know the players, plus they are all very friendly, which give it such a pleasant atmosphere. They also have Matt Savage to run the events, and there is no better tournament director in poker. I can’t say enough about the job they do. Win or lose, I always leave Bay 101 with a great feeling. I only wish there were more events like it."

Erik Seidel – Winner of eight World Series of Poker bracelets and one World Poker Tour championship, with career earnings of more than $31 million. Ranked 2nd on All Time Earnings List and !st on Us Earnings List.

"I really miss the ‘old days’ in Vegas when all the casinos were actually owned and run by a person and not a faceless corporation. Bay 101 is a throw back to the old days in that you can actually walk up to and talk to the owner on a daily basis.
"Not only does the Shooting Star tournament have more monetary value than almost any other tournament, it is my favorite to attend for the pure pleasure of playing in the Bay 101 casino. The food, staff, players, and hordes of rabid poker fans in the San Jose area all combine to make this my favorite tournament of the year."

Todd Brunson – Winner of a World Series of Poker bracelet, and career earnings of nearly $4 million and noted cash game player, holding he 69th ranking on All Time Earnings List.

"Bay 101 was the first professional tournament I ever played. I made it to the second day and knocked John Juanda out to receive a $5,000 bounty. From that moment on I was hooked on poker. "Phil and I love coming to Bay 101. The Shooting Stars tournament has a great structure, and the $5,000 bounties add additional excitement. We love the fans, and the dealers and Bay 101 staff are great. We always have a good time here. The best part is, whether you cash or not, you always go home with a deck of cards that has your picture in it."

Jennifer Tilly – Academy Award-nominated actress and World Series of Poker bracelet winner in 2005.

"I feel that Bay 101 Casino’s Shooting Star might be the best tournament on the World Poker Tour circuit. Getting 5K for knocking out a bounty, and the added money they give to the chip leaders, add great value to this tournament. "As far as I’m concerned, this tournament should be on everyone’s list to play. "Bay 101 is a great casino. Everyone who works there is just so kind and helpful. It’s just a wonderful atmosphere and it’s a lot of fun to play there."

Jennifer Harman – Owner of two World Series of Poker bracelets and winner of more than $2.7 million in career earnings, Harman is widely considered the best all-around woman poker player in the world.

"The Bay 101 Casino is the friendliest place to play poker in the Bay Area, by far. The dealers, the staff, and the floor people make a person feel comfortable. I also love their Shooting Star World Poker Tour tournament, and I play in it every year."

Phil Hellmuth Jr. – Owner of multiple World Series of Poker records, including 14 bracelets, 109 cashes, and 52 final tables. Ranked 7th on the All Time Earnings List.

Employee Testimonials

"We strive for a quality product 100%. Our variety of food can’t be compared to anywhere in San Jose. Any time of day you can get any kind of food, with specials that change on a daily basis, for the best value in town."
Nick OrtegaDirector of Food and Beverage

"This place values you and understands the value of family. You don’t find that everywhere. I love the team that I have been on for 14 years — they are like brothers. I am happy to spend more time with them than my real brothers! It’s true! I love it here. The flexible and considerate management makes me feel valued as an employee and as a person and that gives me such a sense of purpose in my life."
Victor facilities

"Bay 101 gave me a real job from nothing. I, who know nothing about computers, have been patiently trained, and gained invaluable experience and great knowledge. My two security managers know me and respect me and support me for all the things that I do, even from my very first day on the job. It’s the nicest place to work. Step by step, I learn every day to hold this position and take pride in my work. Bay 101 has given me the chance to be what I am today."
JennySecurity lead

"Bay 101 is an employer whose opportunity is loaded with potential. They will train you from the ground up and they also hire in-house, with possibilities of moving up when others move on. There is a mutual respect between management and staff, and you are always unconditionally respected — no matter what your position or seniority level, you are treated as an equal and a dignified person. Gambling is geared toward an adult audience but they sure know how to take care of your kids at the employee Christmas party — good food and good times for the whole family!"
StephenCalifornia games host

"I have worked here for 11 years because I like the people at Bay 101. It’s a friendly atmosphere to work in with a good management team, good employees, and good food. I didn’t know anything about the gaming business but have learned a lot about it. And with a management staff that is very understanding and friendly and will listen if approached, I couldn’t be happier here."
RobertCalifornia games floorperson

"I’ve been here since 1994 and I still eat the food every day — that says a lot! There are employees and customers here that I don’t see for a while, but when we meet again it’s as if we never missed each other. It’s family here! Gamblers enjoy life more, they have fun and are not afraid to live and that makes Bay 101 a great place to be every day you come in to work!"
Kristypoker dealer

"Bay 101 is an equal opportunity employer like none other. Our employees come from over 80 countries around the world. That’s a lot of different languages and traditions, but we’re all family when we’re here. I’m blessed – not too many people can say they go to work every day and are happy at work every day."

"Bay 101 is a family. I love it. The employees are nice and we are treated fairly and like we are special. Everyone always smiles here. Since we’re open 24/7/365, they are really understanding when it comes to recognizing family events and religious holidays."

"This is the best job I’ve ever had. We have the friendliest staff in the poker industry. It’s a great place to work with the friendliest staff in the business. I love my job! I wouldn’t have been here 15 years if I didn’t think this place was great."
Stephenpoker lead floor person

"The people here are nice, the customers are friendly and the benefits are great. I’m a single mother and the management is very flexible when it comes to the needs of my children. We are all treated equally and that builds a healthy employer-employee trust to make this business solid and strong. I have a degree but I wouldn’t trade my job for any corporate position anywhere."
AnaCalifornia games server

"My hard work and dedication here were rewarded with a move from card control to administrative assistant. If you’re a diligent worker that learns quickly and continues to impress those around, you will be valued and rewarded. I am more at home in my office here than I am in my own home. My Bay 101 co-workers are the siblings I couldn't imagine my life without!"
Sukhicasino administrative assistant

"Bay 101 has been my home for the past six years. I couldn’t ask for better bosses or a better job!"

"Bay 101 is an ideal work environment. The upper management is supportive, the employees are friendly and I am here to stay!"
Mike Scasino shift manager

"Nowhere else treats its players and employees so well! I am grateful for the kind generosity that people here show to everyone, but especially those with children."
Neilfacilities supervisor

"My team here makes my job easier and so much fun! I love coming to work here!"
Parmjitcard control lead

"It’s a dream team of employees here! Every day is a great day at work."
Susancasino shift manager

"I thank God every day for the good fortune that brought me here. I work hard and they are good to me at Bay 101. This place makes me happy."

"I have learned a lot here and been promoted for my hard work. I love the people here!"
PhoenixMIS systems administrator

"I don’t come to work for the paycheck, I come because Bay 101 is part of my family."
Mike Wcasino shift manager

"I love being on this casino floor every day. Every day here is different and it’s a joy to meet the challenges of each new day head on. We find friendly, fast solutions here with trustworthy and reliable leaders that respect us and earn our respect in the best way."
Joecasino shift manager

"Bay 101 people are so friendly, nice and helpful. I couldn’t think of working anywhere else!"

"Every day I spend at Bay 101 is happy. I love all the cool people that work here — all over the casino, not just in one department."
Betsyfood and beverage secretary

"Of all the jobs I’ve ever had, I love my job at Bay 101 the most! My bosses are patient and wonderful. They inspire me every day. My best friends work here — we’ve become good friends in our time here, and I get to eat lunch with my best friends every day I come to work!"
Marinasecurity secretary

Player and Customer Testimonials

"We strive for a quality product 100%. Our variety of food can’t be compared to anywhere in San Jose. Any time of day you can get any kind of food, with specials that change on a daily basis, for the best value in town."
Nick OrtegaDirector of Food and Beverage

"The excitement of the game and the ability to bank at Bay 101 are what I enjoy so much and why I keep returning. I love the coffee and breakfast here — I always make sure to take some food home for my kids and wife because they love it too. The staff is nice and polite — they know me and make sure I enjoy myself and that’s what it’s all about. I’m nice and I expect to be treated nicely and that’s what I get at Bay 101 every time I walk through the front door. "
Chris from Silicon Valley – Double Hand Poker

"I love this poker place! For 10 years I have been going to casinos all over the Greater Bay Area and Bay 101 has the best people and best establishment. They recognize a guest’s needs and respect what we think and that really lets me enjoy the spirit of Bay 101’s games. The nature of the poker is competition and that’s fun, but it’s not about losing or winning or bluffing. It’s about the ability to learn and you learn from the greatest here. What more can you ask for than for players to be treated fairly? The staff is so gracious and expeditious. They make sure I enjoy myself and I can’t ask for anything more."
Hai from East San Jose – poker

"I have played for fun at Bay 101 for the past 15 years and love the nice family at Bay 101. The players here are so much fun. They challenge you but they are friendly about it and make you a better player. The food is a different style than found at most casinos and it’s better than can be found at most casinos too."
David from Campbell – poker

"Bay 101 has the highest quality of chips I have ever played with! They feel good and right in your hand and consistently line up. But the lighting is my favorite part of Bay 101. Some casinos are so dark you can’t wear sunglasses to conceal your play and things seem shady. Not at bay 101 — I always need sunglasses and I love that! The friendly atmosphere here allows you to get to know other players well and build some really fun play. When I’m playing, I always eat at least one meal, sometimes two — the food is fantastic!"
Raj from Santa Clara – poker prop

"I used to come to Bay 101 just because it was close to my house but now I have played with the players here and gotten so much experience and confidence that I come here because I win a majority of the time! The food is really good — every time I play I eat. The employees are nice and fair, in fact most of them are my friends. I love it here!"
Leo from Sunnyvale – poker

"I don’t come to Bay 101 to make friends. I come to play and it’s the best place in the Bay Area to play. I have fine-tuned my game a lot since I started playing here and am proud of my progress. The food is great! I love to eat at the deli and think the breakfast specials here are a super good value!"
Joe from Monterey – blackjack

"I’ve played in 28 counties worldwide and Bay 101 has the nicest atmosphere to play, friendly players, and a staff that puts their heart and soul into their job. There really isn’t anything bad I can say about Bay 101 — when you’re here you feel like you’re at home!"
Mike from San Jose – pai gow tiles and hold’em

"Anything off the menu is the best here. I’ve played poker since 1923 and I love to play here — I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The strategy here is great! It is a different world to play poker in than when I first started. I don’t drink and I don’t smoke but I still play poker and I only play at Bay 101!"
Georgie from Sacramento – hold’em

"I love how clean the restrooms are at Bay 101! It says a lot about a place that has such attention to details for the comfort of its guests. The lights are so bright, I feel safe and at home. The food is wonderful here! And the one thing about the staff that strikes me is they’re fair. Sometimes I can’t tip them much and sometimes I tip them too much, but they always take care of me — no matter what!"
Jim from Burlingame – California games

"I play in Las Vegas all the time but I prefer to play at Bay 101! The food is really good. The players make the games really exciting. They’re challenging to play with and they make my game better, but I like the fact that someone can’t bluff and run you out because of the limits in a game. That any player, regardless of experience, can be saved is priceless in a poker game!"
Clarence from Milpitas – California games and poker games

"No other casino has nicer employees or players that help you learn the games. You can’t beat the prices on the huge food selection here, and the ability to eat anywhere in the casino is really convenient. The aquarium is highly entertaining and all the TVs make it nice to be able to keep up on games and news, all while enjoying a fresh, free cup of good coffee. I love coming to Shooting Star and watching the amateurs beat out the stars!"
Kevin from San Mateo – three card poker

"I have been playing at this upscale club for three years because I am always treated with respect. The games have great action here too!"
Sheila Thomas (second place LIPS 2010 tournament winner, will be playing in the ladies WSOP tournament in Las Vegas in June) – poker

"The people at Bay 101 are good people. The personal treatment I get every time I come here can’t be found anywhere else. They are smiles all the time! This casino has a good variety of food and games."
Jose from Santa Cruz – blackjack

"I love the environment here! It’s so bright that I feel happy and safe. Every time I play, I eat something off of the players’ special menu —it’s awesome. The staff is incredibly attentive. They do everything possible to cater to the players’ needs."
Julia from Palo Alto – poker

"Wow, the Security here sure can hustle! I love the people who work here — so friendly and very nice. The food is great – the best casino food around! I love that an authentic menu cooked by authentic people. That’s the real deal and you can’t beat that!"
Joe from San Jose – poker

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