How to play CRAZY 4 POKER

Object of the game

To make a better four-card poker hand than the dealer.

Card Rankings (highest to lowest)

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2

HAND RANKINGS (highest to lowest)

Hand Example
Four of a Kind A♠ A♥ A♦ A♣
Straight Flush 9♥ 8♥ 7♥ 6♥
Three of a Kind 5♠ 5♥ 5♦ 3♣
Flush J♦ 9♦ 6♦ 5♦
Straight J♣ 10♥ 9♣ 8♦
Two Pair 9♠ 9♣ 4♥ 4♦
One Pair Q♥ Q♦ 4♠ 2♠
High Card K♥ J♥ 8♠ 7♣

Base game

  • Place an Ante and Super Bonus bet in equal amounts along with your collection. Because you are not playing against “house money,” there is a collection fee for each hand or wager placed.
    You may also place an optional Queens Up bet, which wins if you have a Pair of Queens or better.
  • The dealer gives you five cards.
  • After you look at your hand, you have two options: place a Play bet or Fold.
    To continue in the hand, place a Play bet equal to your ante. You may Triple Down if you have a Pair of Aces or better, making your Play bet 3x your Ante.
    If you decide to fold, you will forfeit your ante, super bonus and queens up bets.
  • After all players have made their decisions, the dealer opens their hand.
  • Qualifying: The dealer must have at least King-high to qualify.
    If the dealer does not qualify your ante will push and your play bet will win
  • Win, Lose or Push: If the Dealer does qualify with King-high or better, you win if your hand ranks higher than the Dealer’s hand. The Dealer wins if their hand is higher. It’s a push if both hands rank the same. Ante and Play bets pay even money.

Bonus Bets

Crazy 4 Poker features a required Super Bonus bet and an optional Queens Up bonus bet.

When you place your Ante and Super Bonus bets, you may also place a Queens Up bonus bet.

Super Bonus

The Super Bonus bet wins if you are dealt a Straight or better, regardless of the Dealer’s hand.

The Super Bonus bet pushes if you have less than a Straight and either:
A) the Dealer does not qualify, or
B) your hand beats the Dealer’s qualifying hand.

The Super Bonus bet loses if you have less than a Straight and your hand loses to the Dealer’s qualifying hand.

Queens Up

The Queens Up bonus bet wins when are dealt a Pair of Queens or better. Otherwise, it loses.

Bonus Hand Super Bonus Queens Up
4 Aces 200 to 1  
4 of a Kind 30 to 1 50 to 1
Straight Flush 15 to 1 30 to 1
3 of a Kind 2 to 1 9 to 1
Flush 3 to 2 4 to 1
Straight 1 to 1 3 to 1
2 Pair   2 to 1
Queens or better   1 to 1

Table Type

Crazy 4 Poker is played on a blackjack style table.

Gaming Equipment

Crazy 4 Poker is played with a standard 52 card deck.

Player Positions

Crazy 4 Poker is played with up to eight (8) player positions including the Player-Dealer position.

Table Fees

Collection fees shall be determined prior to the start of play of any hand or round and shall be conspicuously posted. Ample notice shall be provided to players relating to the assessment of fees. Flat fees on each wager may be assessed at different collection rates. The collection rates may not be calculated as a portion of wagers made or winnings earned.


Action refers to the player position where the settling of wagers begins. Action starts to the left of the Player-Dealer. Wagers are settled in the following order: collect losing base bets, pay winning base bets, pay winning bonus bets, collect losing bonus bets. Wagers are settled clockwise, seat by seat, to the extent that the Player-Dealer wager covers.

Player-Dealer Position

The Player-Dealer is the seated position that, for any given hand of play, all other players at the table are playing against. The player-dealer position shall be offered systematically and continuously in a clockwise manner around the table after every two hands. The player-dealer shall collect all losing wagers, pay all winning wagers, and may not win or lose more than the original amount wagered. Once the playerdealer's wager has been exhausted, the wagers not covered by the Player-Dealer shall be returned to the respective players.

House Dealer

This introduction to Crazy 4 Poker assumes the perspective of a new Player. Accordingly it is written for the perspective of the Player position. This in no way supports, limits, or discourages a player from assuming the Player-Dealer position when offered. Complete rules are available as prescribed by state and local regulation.

In How to Play, the Dealer refers to the House Dealer acting on behalf of the Player-Dealer. The Dealer's Hand is the hand of the Player-Dealer position delivered in front of the House Dealer.

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